Tierra Madre HIVE
Tierra Madre HIVE

Welcome to Tierra Madre HIVE

A Collaborative Resource for Female Landscape Business Owners in the SF Bay Area

About Us

We are horticulturists, landscape designers and architects, contractors, arborists, florists, soil scientists, and irrigation experts. As sustainability-minded business owners, we proudly work to serve our clients and mother nature. 

HIVE is where we ask for input from our peers, share advice and our own experience, discuss what works and what doesn't and get excited about something we all love: plants!

Come join us if you

  • own a landscape-related business in the Bay Area
  • are looking for a supportive network of passionate, professional women  
  • are looking to grow and improve your business while helping others to do the same
  • believe in ecological and sustainable design and plant care
  • would like to build fruitful relationships with other passionate plantswomen
  • would like to see more women of color and other underrepresented groups thriving in the green industry

What we do

  • connect, collaborate and share on this social platform
  • gather in real time to discuss the most challenging aspects of our work in order to devise creative and effective solutions
  • host workshops and Q&A sessions with our experienced members or special guests 
  • refer each other for projects or to clients
  • tour gardens and nurseries - both public and private - for inspiration and education